Do you have a trial lesson?     Yes we do. We have private, semi-private, and group trial lessons.

Trial and Individual Lessons:

  • Private Hour $80
  • Private Half-hour $55
  • Semi-private $70
  • Hour Group Hour $55

How old does my child need to be to start riding lessons?     We offer a tiny tots leadline class for ages 2-5 and anyone older can learn to ride, adult classes are available.P1080201

Why can’t I trot yet?    When you just start riding, you may want to rush things, but you need to take it slow. Trotting is hard when just starting, you need to learn all the skills that are needed to trot first. Just remember slow and steady wins the race.

Why do you need to know my weight and height?    We need to know because we need to match you with a horse or pony, and they don’t all come in one size.

What is the max weight of a rider?    At the maximum we can take 200 lb., but that is at the limit.

Do you lease horses?    Yes we do. You can lease horses on a month-by-month basis, which includes up to threes hours a week, but if there are lessons with that horse when you want to ride, they hold priority over that horse.

Do I need to bring a helmet?    If you have one, but if you don’t then we can provide. It is recommended that the helmet covers the back of your head. So try not to bring bike helmets.


Will my child be riding the same horse every lesson?    Yes, as long as they are the same size next lesson. They only time they change mounts is if they have grown to big for them. We grow but not the horses. Also if the horse is sick your child will be moved onto other horse until their normal horse is well.

Do I need to wear something special?    Please wear long pants (jeans) and close toed shoes. It hurts a lot less if your shoe is closed toe when a horse accidentally steps on you.

How early before the lesson should we arrive?     About thirty minutes, give or take. When you first start riding, your instructor will have gotten your horse already.

How do you be safe around horses?     Follow these rules for your safety:

  •   Follow the rules your instructors at all times.
  •   Wear shoes with a closed toe when on the property.
  •   Stay out of the fields unless accompanied by your instructor or if permission has been granted by instructor.
  •   Do not put your hand up to the mouth of any of the horses.
  •   No running, jumping or screaming. Horses are easily frightened.
  •   Do not approach any of the horses except the one you are riding, not all horses are friendly.


  •   Only the rider may enter the horse’s stall.
  •   Please do not leave your horse unattended when it is tacked.
  •   Please keep the aisle way and doorways clear.
  •   Please clean up after yourself and your horse.
  •   Please sign and turn in the waiver and medical forms.
  •   Guests you bring to the farm must also sign a waiver form.
  •   Do not walk behind a horse.